Step 1


First, complete the Surrogacy Application. If you have any questions contact us on our website, through Facebook or by phone (208) 412-8138. We want to you be educated, supported, inspired and empowered on your journey.

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Step 2

Interview Process

This step involves an interview to educate and inform you about the Surrogacy journey from beginning to end. To explain each step so the commitment and responsibilities are clear. Review your medical records from previous pregnancies. Answer any questions you may have.

Step 3

Matching Process

Our matching process is designed to be as simple and enjoyable as possible. It is common for us to find you a match within 2-3 months (each case is unique, matching times may vary). After you have been matched with Intended Parents, we will set up a meeting for the two of you to get acquainted. Meeting a potential Intended Parent is a very exciting experience and gives you the opportunity to see if your a good fit and feel connected.
Meetings can be done over the phone, in person or via Skype. If all parties want to move forward, you are Matched!

Step 4

Medical screening/Health Insurance

Upon a Matching, you will then be scheduled to have a psychological evaluation and a medical screening. Once both of these are completed and passed, you will then be directed to an insurance broker for your health insurance policy.
If you do not have insurance or you has an insurance policy that has a Surrogacy or Third Party reproduction clause in which prohibits coverage, we will work to get new coverage. Surrogates must be able to get health insurance coverage to proceed.
Step 5

Legal Contract Process

After psychological and medical screening has taken place and passed, the legal process can be finalized. This process is to protect all parties involved. The contract clarifies the responsibilities and obligations of Surrogate and Intended Parents. It discusses what the Surrogate is expected to do as well as what the Intended Parents will be paying for. Small Miracles works with great attorneys who specialize in reproduction law.
Step 6

Life Insurance

Once a legal contract has been signed, you will be insured with a $250,000 Life insurance policy. We make sure that this is in place and continued through delivery.
Step 7

Embryo Transfer

After you have completed the legal portion of the process, you are medically prepared for the procedure and a pregnancy is attempted through IVF cycle and embryo transfer several weeks later. We will keep communication between Surrogate, Intended Parents, clinical nurses and attorneys open and clear. We will stay on top of appointments, payments, medications and progress of this journey. We will gladly accompany you to any local appointment if you wish. Pregnancy results come back 10 to 12 days later
Step 8


After embryo transfer you will be required to be on bed rest for a couple of days to ensure the best chance of embryo implantation. Approximately 8 days post transfer you will have a blood draw, then again 2 days after to get results of pregnancy. If a positive pregnancy has occured you wil have another blood draw at 20 days post transfer and then followed by a 7 & 9 week ultrasound.
Step 9


“We’re Pregnant!” never gets old to hear. Now that there is a pregnancy, our roles are not finished. We continue to communicate, advise, and support each side through this process. Help Intended Parents by making sure that the contract is being followed, appointments are being made, and carriers are upholding their responsibilities. Helping Surrogates schedule correct appointments and explaining what each appointment is for. After pregnancy is established and all appointments are finished with the clinic you will then be released from the fertility clinic and on to an Obstetrician for the remaining prenatal check ups and care.
Step 10

Upon Birth

Hooray, the moment has come! Your gift of love and generosity is now a Small Miracle in the arms of very happy parents! We will help assist in obtaining the breast milk and getting it to the parents, birth certificate paperwork and paying any medical bills. We will also be helping and supporting you through this transition.
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Accepting Applications
Surrogates in our program have told us how incredibly fulfilling it is to help a set of intended parents or a single intended parent achieve their goal of starting a family. The generous compensation provided allows surrogates to pursue other dreams, thanks to the lack of a financial burden.
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Requirements: Can you say YES to the following?

21-42 years old
no prior drug or alcohol history
abstain from alcohol and limit caffeine intake during pregnancy
have a history of a full-term pregnancy
successfully carried one child still in your custody
stable & safe home environment
healthy height/weight ratio (BMI under 35)
can pass a background check
Not on any state assistance