Does insurance cover surrogacy costs related to maternity coverage for my surrogate? There are many specifics associated with each individual or group plan. Therefore, we enlist specialists in the insurance field to review each policy as part of the prescreening and give us (and you, the intended parents) a detailed report. This report discusses specific language that could be an issue in the surrogate’s insurance policy to help you decide if you want to take that level of risk, or if you would rather utilize other options.
Do you work with all intended parents, whether they are single, married, gay or LGBT? Yes! We are happy to assist any intended parent on the path toward realizing their dream of building a family.
What’s the difference between a “gestational carrier” or “gestational surrogate” and a “traditional surrogate”? A gestational carrier or gestational surrogate* is a woman who carries a child conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the egg (ovum) of the intended parent or an egg donor, and the sperm of the intended parent or sperm donor. This is different from a traditional surrogate, who carries a child using her own egg and is the genetic and biological mother of the child. With traditional surrogacy, pregnancy is usually achieved using artificial insemination.
Will my/our name(s) be on the birth certificate? This is the goal! How this is accomplished will depend completely on the state in which you live and/or the state where the gestational surrogate delivers, as well as the type of surrogacy involved (traditional or gestational). Your attorney will advise you about what legal steps are necessary to legally recognize you as your child’s parent(s) at the time you are matched with your gestational surrogate
How do we get started with any process? Please submit an APPLICATION. We will then provide you with information about our program, including how we might be of assistance to you, and can make arrangements for a free initial consultation. You may also call Meg at 1-208-412-8138
Why should I use a surrogate from an agency? Surrogate applicants will first apply to the agency. The level of screening and ‘filtering-out’ ultimately result in many rejected candidates finding their way onto independent ‘matching’ forums where they have learned to withhold information that caused their rejection from other programs. For Intended Parents, there is very little reason for a discerning, responsible and healthy gestational surrogate to work independently without the benefit and support granted by a full-service agency